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Beauteque, (, is a global-ecommerce site that offers high-quality Korean beauty products that deliver quality skincare to the US consumer at attainable pricing. Beauteque is the “go-to” mask store with over 1,000 different sheet, eye, lip, hand, feet, wash off, etc. masks as well as the BB Bag and Mask Maven subscriptions.  These Korean beauty products are made with natural ingredients such as green tea, soy bean, several fruits, vegetables and more.


Business Situation

Beauteque CEO, Elina Hsueh, approached Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR  Top Beauty PR Firm Division as she needed a comprehensive public relations strategy to generate awareness and brand credibility for the Beauteque brand. The core objective of the PR program is to consistently maximize exposure within the US, while furthering brand credibility within the beauty category.  In addition, the brand is looking to increase SEO and drive consistent traffic to the Beauteque site for purchase. The company retained Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR for two 6-month contracts that included media relations. A total of one year for the project.


Solution by Our Top Beauty PR Firm Division

BPM-PR’s solution for Beauteque was to to consistently build a steady stream of positive media and generate top tier media placements across the spectrum. Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR worked with Beauteque’s marketing team to carve out strong messaging surrounding the benefits of using Beauteque products as well as the affordable pricing.  Working with BPM-PR Firm Beauteque was featured on, WWD,,, Yahoo Beauty, Bustle, XOvain and more. Content surrounded product spotlights, CEO profiles, promotions and more.



  • Ease of infiltration in to the beauty and Korean Beauty Mask US markets
  • Increase of sales
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Reinforced brand credibility
  • Establishment for the company CEO as an industry expert.