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Best Practices For Leveraging PR Campaign Media Placements

When a new media placement hits from your PR campaign it can be very exciting. Media snowballs into amazing long-term traffic and really helps build brand credibility. However, that is not where the work ends. Below are a number of ways to leverage your media placements that will help your content remain relevant and also assist you in generating new business.

  • Post PR campaign media placements across social media platforms:                                        
        • Linkedin Personal Pages as well as your company page
        • Twitter both personal and company – ask your employees to also repost and share  if they are comfortable doing so
        • Post to Company Facebook Pages
      •   **There is a common misconception that you only need to post new PR campaign content. When leveraging media placements you should repeat past content often mixed in with new.**
  • Create boosted posts on Facebook for media placements. The more eyes that see your media placement, the better.
  • Screenshot PR campaign media placements and ad to Instagram to boost credibility
  • Create a go to list of hashtags for whenever you post media placements on social that are specific to your industry and what you would type in to google if you were a customer looking for your products or services.
  • Tag the media outlet that covered you as a thank you to begin a dialogue and to encourage them to continue posting it repeatedly and also to cover you more often.
  • Create press gallery on company website where media placements are uploaded as they come in and link to the product page to purchase product feature.
  • Highlight big “wins” front and center on the company website“ As Seen On ( follow with outlet names or logos i.e. Huffington Post, BusinessWeek etc.”
  • E-blast media placements to customers, past customers, and network database on a regular basis. It is important to show your customers that you are being featured. It is also an amazing way to jumpstart old customers to begin working with you once again. Do’t send every single placement, but a newsletter highlighting your top placements per month with a link to them can be very effective.
  • When you have a new press release that has hit the newswire send out 3 to 4 worthwhile links over a 2 weeks period. I.e. Yahoo News Link with your press release, Reuters, etc.
Monique Tatum

Monique Tatum is the CEO of BPM-PR Firm, a PR and Marketing firm based out of NYC. The firm services clients for full scale public relations campaigns, events, social media, influencer and celebrity marketing for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, corporate communications, technology and more.

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