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Dr. Maryse Narcisse was the presidential front runner for the 2016 Presidential election in Haiti. The election was slated for Oct. 9th but due to Hurricane Matthew the election was postponed to Oct. 30th. Her candidacy was a second-time run post the 2015 presidential election plagued with electoral fraud. Narcisse is a member of the popular Fanmi Lavalas political party where they vigorously represent Haiti’s poor. Narcisse is/was a longtime advocate for democracy, health care and education. The candidate boasts previous seats as the National Coordinator of the Executive Committee of the Organization Fanmi Lavalas, Board Member of the Aristide Foundation, and Public Health Consultant to date. Her Campaign Director and Advisor for her campaign, Leslie Voltaire is an exceptionally qualified choice as his resume includes former presidential candidate, urban planner and former government liaison to the United Nations.


Business Situation

Senior Advisor Leslie Voltaire approached BPM-PR’s Political PR Firm Division as he needed a solid Political PR campaign to generate local, national and international press to build the popularity of political candidate. BPM-PR had placed a strong push on garnering online, radio and TV segments to increase the candidates’ visibility to the public. The goal of the Political PR project was to maximize exposure within its native country and the United States in order to provide the campaign with favorable opinions of candidates which lead to Dr. Narcisse leading the polls one week before the original voting date. The client retained Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR for a 2-month contract that included base local, national and international Public Relations.



BPM-PR Firm’s solution for the Haiti political PR campaign was to build a solid foundation for their campaign with a strong media mix. The press push targeted a mix of online digital, radio and TV segments in New York, Haiti, Canada, Miami and news sites that generate international coverage.  BPM-PR worked with Dr. Narcisse and Mr. Voltaire to carve out strong messaging surrounding her positive campaign to drive change and rebuild Haiti. BPM-PR bought to the fore front her advocacy for education and healthcare as well as an endorsement from Hollywood actor and UN Ambassador Danny Glover. The campaign included interviews with Reuters, Al JaZeera; digital media opportunities with NY Times, Associated Press, NPR radio stations, Washington Post and more.