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Getting to know The BPMPR Team!


Stephanie Espinal is the baby of the office being the newest and youngest member of the pr team. She is kind, soft spoken, super sweet and living proof that some of the best people come in the tiniest packages! Yes- we are a team full of gals that need heels :p.

We love Stephanie’s great sense of humor and her easy-going attitude making it hard to not fall out in giggles whenever she is around. Reason being she has an extra contagious laughter and can find the humor in everything : p. Then again what day isn’t full of nutso stories at BPMPR? She is a hopeless romantic, a non-drinker, and is always posting beautiful love quotes on her facebook bringing a smile to all of our faces. =) Stephanie juggles school with 2 internships which is extremely brave. Here in office we are very protective of our little cutie pie. We sit on desks and plan outings to beat up people that bother her, which of course we don’t do……looks left, looks right and hold up movie ticket stubs as our alibi !

She is exceptionally creative and very original and often writes things that make us wonder how was she able to come up with that! Not to mention she is awesome on photoshop. She’s quickly becoming a BPMPR staple and we wouldn’t have it any other way! #PRGals #BPMPRTeam #PRChicks #NYCPRFIRMS



Monique Tatum

Monique Tatum is the CEO of BPM-PR Firm, a PR and Marketing firm based out of NYC. The firm services clients for full scale public relations campaigns, events, social media, influencer and celebrity marketing for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, corporate communications, technology and more.

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