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Getting to Know the BPMPR Team!


Monique Tatum is the brains and excitement behind everything we do. She is honest, kind, funny and a true closet nerd playing Guildwars during breaks. Although Monique is the CEO of BPMPR, she is unlike the standard CEO that people expect in the least bit. Would your CEO take you out for drinks at Dos Caminos, or run through Dave and Busters with you trying to collect tickets? I think not, well ours does! (Again, the BPMPR girls are NOT alcoholics but once in a while a PR girl needs to celebrate some well-earned success.)

Let’s face it, Monique doesn’t fit the typical CEO stereotype at all—and we love her more for it! She is short, cheerful, giddy, and likes to sing “lalala” whenever things go right—she is also quick to pull out a happy dance to go along with it—and NEVER fails to make the team laugh with stories of her rebellious college years. We are grateful to be able to say that she is not only our boss, but she is also a good friend who is ready to listen to our problems and try to help us out as much as she can. She will sit right on top of her desk and listen to some of our juicy stories as well!

Monique is firm when she needs to be but is also constantly giving us encouragement and recognition for our hard work, and also sharing her personal fears as ridiculous as we all think they are because everything always works out alright. While we’re on the topic: two of Monique’s biggest fears are looking people in the eyes on the subway and guacamole, although she half faced her guacamole fear recently by trying it,but ended up only picking out the tomatoes…. It’s alright, we had to begin somewhere. The train fear is still a work in progress, though! And the entire BPMPR PR team are willing to see her through it.



Monique Tatum

Monique Tatum is the CEO of BPM-PR Firm, a PR and Marketing firm based out of NYC. The firm services clients for full scale public relations campaigns, events, social media, influencer and celebrity marketing for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, corporate communications, technology and more.

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