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How Not to Hire the Wrong PR Firm or Publicist

So you have decided to take that step and hire a public relations firm.

The person, or firm, that will be representing your brand manager, the face of your product, your company or possibly even…you.

If you have never worked within public relations, written your own press release, picked up the phone and decided to ring a few media contacts you will not know the warning signs of a PR firm or professional that is not REALLY a PR professional.

Publicists come a dime a dozen but a truly talented and hardworking publicist is a rare find.  Here are a few warning signs that a publicist is not at all the right choice.

#1) They won’t provide you with any type of reporting.

Most public relations firms will not share their contacts. A lot of them pay for media contacts through services such as PR Newswire’s Media Atlas or Cision and they sign contracts stating that they are not allowed to.

Some of them simply guard their contacts to avoid others using them and have the upper hand within the industry which is quite understandable.

However, they should provide you with an updated report every so often, either monthly or bi-monthly stating work that has been done and what media outlets have shown interest.

The report should also include a contact name at the media outlet. What happens if you decide to terminate your contract or the firm goes belly up and you cannot work with them anymore? Do you begin from scratch? No you have a report to push forward with, names to track down for future reference and confirmation of a job well done.

#2) They do not know how to write a press release.

Many times clients come to me with a horror story. They have just fired their publicist and are jaded in working with another such as mine. They put money upfront for services that ended terribly wrong in the past because the PR campaign never really began.

Monique Tatum

Monique Tatum is the CEO of BPM-PR Firm, a PR and Marketing firm based out of NYC. The firm services clients for full scale public relations campaigns, events, social media, influencer and celebrity marketing for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, corporate communications, technology and more.

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