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Our PR Agency Process

Our Way For Take Off in 5…4…3…2…

Working With a PR Agency Should Never Be Difficult! Pass That Public Relations Project Our Way For Take Off in 5…4…3…2…

At Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR we have solid policies and procedures in place. Unlike other PR agencies we don’t sit on retainers and we hold our employees to an exceptionally high standard. Don’t worry, our team is exceptionally responsive and we don’t cry easy. We have in house quality assurance measures in place to ensure that each and every project receives the attention that it deserves. On a weekly basis our quality assurance and PR agency management team use an internal scoring system applied to each account. We valuate the media placements obtained and goals reached on all client accounts. If we need more traction we provide the necessary team guidance to push your project in the right direction. Media placements for your project are also measured by Google Pagerank, Alexa Page Rank, media Influencers social audience numbers and more.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the antithesis of many other PR agencies that claim they can quickly draw results. At BPM-PR we not only deliver real results on all levels for your business. Our PR Agency has a solid reputation of working with high levels of integrity, being exceptionally honest with our clients, educating our clientele on the PR process so that there are no surprises along the way. See a bit more about our PR agencies process below for a bird’s eye view of what to expect within the first few weeks of beginning a new project with us.


It’s important for us to point out, that we don’t work with everyone. We are a firm that believes in a strong culture. We love coming to work and would like for it to remain that way! That being said we will work with you to assess our team and services, however we will also determine if your team and project is a puzzle piece fit. We encourage you to stack us up against other agencies. A PR marriage has to feel right in order for us to be your raving lunatic cheerleaders on the front lines for press. Getting down on one knee here.


Once we mutually agree there is a PR Agency to Project fit then we are off to the races with contract signings. Our PR Agency contracts run for a minimum of 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. We do consider project rates from time-to-time on a case by case basis, however as a responsible PR firm we do require our clients to be just as invested in seeing long term success. Upon project sign-off we will assign your PR agency Account Executive, all support staff members, and your official project start date.



We learn your business and we learn it fast. We hear many new clients tell us that they don’t want to deal with a PR firm that will take a month to create a project strategy or learn their business. Well we definitely are not those firms. When do we sleep with all of this ready, set, go action? Feel free to assume that we don’t!  Your Account Executive will arrange a kick-off discovery meeting or call in your first week to learn more about your audience, products, services, and overall PR goals. You will be asked to send over necessary supporting materials such as photos, company bios, sample amounts to be shipped to our offices & more. Thats right! We can house and store your samples for ease of mailing to editors.


At BPM-PR we don’t just send an arrow into mid air and hope that it hits the right media target. We plan for success…quite literally. Your Account Executive will work with our team to develop a solid 90 day strategy. Why only 90 days? Well press changes and moves, reactive stories arise that we will plug you in to. At the end of your 90 day PR plan we anticipate a shift where a new plan will be necessary.


We will begin pulling the appropriate media contact lists for your campaign, researching new stories and media that we can immediately attack, all within the guidelines of your 90 day campaign strategy. Your strategy will include a multitude of pitch angles that we will hit the media with to ensure timely pick up. Your approved press release will be placed onto the newswire and your campaign is off and running! Our team will load up the various pitch letters that are created and begin outreaching to the media. This will include calling media, emailing them and sending all necessary information for your project to get the ball rolling.


Media placements should begin rolling in around week for or week 5. This does vary from project to project, However, this is the mark and spot where you will begin seeing your initial hits. We will communicate them to you via your accessible workroom and you will also receive an updated coverage book from our team monthly showing circulation numbers of all media placements. This of course comes after we ring our celebratory gong in office and dance just a bit.


You will consistently see our work hit your email via our PR Agency project management system, however on top of that we pride ourselves on our reporting and project communication skills. You will have a bi-weekly call with your Account Executive where they will update you on all media progress, anything needed from your end and go over sample requests or outstanding questions. With each month worked, you will begin to see a strategic snowball effect within your media placements, since our team is amazing at what they do! From lists of placements within your project workroom to coverage book round ups- we are analytical on this side of PR town.

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