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Political PR Firm
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Ensuring Your Message Is Delivered Strategically to the Public

Politicians, legislators, not-for-profits and more all know one thing to be true, that you have one shot at delivering a strong, well-crafted message to the public.  It is one of the reasons that our Political PR firm Division is known nationwide. With consistent press for Senators, bills, bi-partisan efforts and more.  Our team of strategic Political PR experts know just what it takes to bring your messaging to life and how to place them on the perfect pedestal within the media for all of the world to see. As the best Political PR firm we are known worldwide for the diversity of our expertise ranging from Presidential campaigns, Senator and Gubernatorial campaigns, Political fundraisers, Subcommittee and Senate Floor voting on Bills, press exposure for Legislation + Political Pundits within the press. At BPM-PR Firm we work as a solid extension of your team, taking full control of your public relations efforts in order to land you and your political campaign local and national media placements within print, online and television. At BPM-PR Firm we run clean PR campaigns for a variety of politicians and legislators free of mudslinging. When you have the power of a well-crafted message behind you it is always a win.

Our Political PR Firm Services Include:

  • Press Interviews & Story Media Placements
  • Storyline and angle development
  • Arranged media tours
  • Town Hall PR
  • PR for Bills being presented to Subcommittees, Senate Floor Votes,  or media Governor bill signings
  • Fundraiser Event PR
  • Politician or Legislator quotes within press, press roundtables, and specialized evening news + morning show segments
  • Press release creation

  • Political Announcements
  • Presidential PR Campaigns
  • Gubernatorial PR Campaigns
  • Senator PR Campaigns
  • Congressional PR Campaigns
  • Media Tours
  • Media on Site at Events
  • Partnership Development