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Purchase Tickets For February 13th NY Fashion Week Celebrity Charity Event:The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS

For New York Fashion Week February 2013, Celebrity Reality Stars will join forces to walk the runway for a first-of-it’s-kind philanthropic event. The goal of the evening is to raise $300,000+ in funding that will directly benefit an amazing organization called AIDS United. There is an estimated 300,000 people within the U.S.that are affected with HIV/AIDS, and do not know it. Our goal is to raise $1 to represent every single one of those people, increase awareness, and work to end this devastating epidemic.

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Monique Tatum

Monique Tatum is the CEO of BPM-PR Firm, a PR and Marketing firm based out of NYC. The firm services clients for full scale public relations campaigns, events, social media, influencer and celebrity marketing for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, corporate communications, technology and more.

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